Email Marketing

Establishing a mailing list and staying in good communication with the people on your list is very important to your company’s survival. That’s why the Dream Team will work with you to set up your email marketing campaign and even write your first 5 emails for you.

Why is it important to use an autoresponder?

1. As your traffic increases, you will be increasingly unable to instantly reply to new signups to your website, yet you MUST reply to them instantly, thanking them for signing up, offering them things, reminding them of things, etc. This is absoluteky vital to maintaining your relationship with your clients and customers.

2. You must offer your clients a way to subscribe and unsubscribe. People need to know there’s a way to become a member. Conversely, people must know they have a way out if they decide NOT to be a member. The autoresponder service we use does both of these things automatically. You’ll never have to worry about manually removing a name from your email list. The unsubscribe link is right in each email they receive, at the bottom. And it works.

How does email marketing work?

Basically the same way that individual emailing works. Only you set it up to be automatic. When someone writes to you, you write them back, thanking them or acknowledging them in some way. Well, what about when you have 1000 people signing up to your site, or 10,000? If this isn’t set up to be automatic, there’s really no way to keep up with that volume of email. So you create several automated emails for different things. One goes to them right after they subscribe to your website. Then maybe one a week later, letting them know what’s happening, what specials you’re offering, what’s new, etc. And maybe one a month after that, or one a week. There are many ways this can be done, depending on your industry, your company and your goals. The Dream Team will work with you to determine the best content for your first 5 emails.

Incorrect email marketing campaigns can be worse than NO email campaigns. Let the Dream Team do it right for you. Go to to get started.

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