6 Reasons You Absolutely Need Email Marketing for Your Business

April 13th, 2009

As a business owner, you absolutely need a reliable way to stay in touch with your customers, to thank them for things, to invite them to things, to send them special offers and give them updates. Email marketing is THE way to accomplish all these things. Here are my top 6 reasons you need to use email marketing for your business.

1. Improve the relationships with your customers.
By staying in touch with them, your relationships with your customers become stronger, more real and more personal. When you show people you actually care about staying in touch with them, they like it. Your loyalty to them equals their loyalty to you. Routine personalized newsletters keep them informed.

Email Marketing

April 8th, 2009

Establishing a mailing list and staying in good communication with the people on your list is very important to your company’s survival. That’s why the Dream Team will work with you to set up your email marketing campaign and even write your first 5 emails for you.

Why is it important to use an autoresponder?

1. As your traffic increases, you will be increasingly unable to instantly reply to new signups to your website, yet you MUST reply to them instantly, thanking them for signing up, offering them things, reminding them of things, etc. This is absoluteky vital to maintaining your relationship with your clients and customers.