4 Reasons Why Online Article Marketing is Good Business

Article marketing has been used successfully for many, many years to increase business traffic in print before the advent of the internet. The internet has made this activity quicker and easier and the possibilities for reaching millions of readers even greater. There are many reasons why article marketing is an important, even vital, part of business marketing in general. Here are the top 6 reasons.

1. Article marketing provides publishers with free content. Websites which publish articles, also called “Article Directories” accept these articles on various topics and thus receive information on thousands and thousands of topics for free. Internet users can then have free access to all these articles for their own information, research, etc.

2. Advertisers/businesses can promote their own businesses for free. Businesses can submit articles about their products and services to article directories for free, and gain a lot of exposure for themselves in this way.

3. Web users can find articles by topic with ease. Articles are often written to target particular keyword niches, and then these articles get distributed to content publishers that cater to those markets. What this means is that a website, using RSS, can pull articles on a particular topic from these directories and have ever-changing subject matter on a particular topic that already-interested readers can read. This keeps interest up on the websites which publish this content. And it gets exposure all over the internet on the sites which use this content.

4. Article writers get backlinks. Backlinks are links pointing back to a business’ website. When the articles are distributed via RSS, the exposure to the authoring business and number of backlinks is increased greatly, making this avenue a great source for Search Engine Optimization.

Is there any down side of article marketing? Well, yes and no. There is never a down side to writing or publishing helpful information for people. There’s no down side for the web user, the writer or the publisher. However, this avenue for article writing and the resultant benefits to online businesses has led to a reduction in article quality in many markets. Sometimes people hire people to write mediocre articles JUST to promote their businesses or JUST to get the backlinks, rather than to really provide excellent content to web users. So this is an important point to keep in mind when writing your own articles. The benefits can be fantastic, but keep your viewers in mind. Always write articles asking yourself “How will this information help people?” If you can give yourself an honest, definitive and positive answer to that question, then your articles will be just fine and contribute to the value of the internet and the user’s experience in general.

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