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Five Reasons You Need Video Marketing for Your Business

April 19th, 2009 In Video Marketing | Comments Off on Five Reasons You Need Video Marketing for Your Business

Online Video marketing is an amazing and lightning fast way to get your business seen and known, and there are several very good reasons for this.

1. Video proves your product is real. Words may be able to explain what your products or services are and what they do, but they don’t convince the viewer that your product really exists. When you can actually SEE it, then you know it’s real. So video creates reality and adds legitimacy to your business.

Why Social Bookmarking?

April 18th, 2009 In Social Bookmarking | Comments Off on Why Social Bookmarking?

When you save a web page url for later viewing that is called “bookmarking”. When you save a web page url to a public website and add relevant tags, that is called “social bookmarking”.

Why Social Bookmarking?

Before social bookmarking, internet users saved urls they wanted to remember in whatever bookmarking tool their browser offered. That’s fine if you don’t have too many. But as you probably have already experienced, as you save more and more bookmarks, they become harder and harder to find, and you can’t remember what category you saved them under. And then if you want to share them with someone, you have to email the link or write it down. And sometimes you’re on a different computer so you don’t even have access to those bookmarks when you need them.

How to Write a Press Release

April 15th, 2009 In News Media and Press Release Distribution | Comments Off on How to Write a Press Release

Writing press releases is relatively easy, and it’s an important step to get your company seen and known, and talked about in online media websites. You can find templates for this online, as well as actual press releases to use as a guide, if you like. Also, you should take a look at the media sites you plan to submit your media release to and format in the style that THEY use to make it easier and more likely for your release to be accepted.

These are the basic steps in writing a press release:

Pay Per Click First Steps

April 15th, 2009 In Pay Per Click | Comments Off on Pay Per Click First Steps

Pay Per Click advertising can seem very mysterious and confusing. In truth, there are many aspects to creating a successful PPC campaign, and many factors to consider in getting started with this type of marketing/advertising. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

1. Keyword Research.
This is the most important first step in anything having to do with website marketing, SEO, traffic generation, any of it. You HAVE to know what the correct keywords are for your industry, as well as what the exact search terms people who purchase your particular products and/or services are searching. There are many places to find this kind of information. There are free online services, as well as paid software. For a decent free search, Google offers a keyword tool to help you with your eventual adwords campaign. It would also help you if you did ad campaigns with Yahoo or MSN. I’m just mentioning it because it’s decent and it’s free.

2. Do the math.
You need to find out how your keywords will pan out, cost-wise. Figure out your current visitors to sales ratio. How much is the #1 advertiser for your keyword (your competitor) paying per click for that keyword? What percentage of your visitors turn into sales, and how much do you make on each sale? If one out every 100 visitors makes a purchase on your website, and you bid 5 cents per click, your cost will average $5.00 per sale. If your profits are $10+ per sale then this is viable. If, however, your profits are $2 per sale, then this is unworkable and you’ll be losing money. This math is based on you taking the #1 spot. For Yahoo ads, as an example, the Yahoo Keyword Selector tool gives you that information so you can work out this math. You may decide to go for the third highest spot. Or you may decide to go for a different keyword, a bit less general keyword that isn’t as costly to you per click.

3. Figure out which is the best PPC company for your needs.
Eventually maybe you’ll have multiple PPC accounts. But just to get started you can check out the various PPC companies to see what they offer. Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, ABCSearch, Bidvertiser, Search123 are just a few pay per click companies you can look into. And in your investigation, check things like: Do they offer free keyword search and suggestion tools? Do they offer you assistance with click fraud? What are all the costs? Are there minimum balances? Do they have good customer support? Try it. Email them and see how quickly they respond, or if they, in fact, respond at all.

How to Get Local Traffic to Your Website

April 15th, 2009 In Local SEO & Local Marketing | Comments Off on How to Get Local Traffic to Your Website

Getting generic traffic to your website is, of course, vital. But what about local traffic? If you have a business which requires your local area knowing about you, then you absolutely NEED to drive the local traffic to your website.

But how?

There are several different important steps to driving tons of local traffic to your website.

1. Paid advertising. Google Adwords allows you to choose what areas you want your ads to target. You can choose everything from every country of earth to your city/metropolitan area. So that is definitely something you can do. It will cost you, but it’s definitely a route.

6 Reasons You Absolutely Need Email Marketing for Your Business

April 13th, 2009 In Email Marketing | Comments Off on 6 Reasons You Absolutely Need Email Marketing for Your Business

As a business owner, you absolutely need a reliable way to stay in touch with your customers, to thank them for things, to invite them to things, to send them special offers and give them updates. Email marketing is THE way to accomplish all these things. Here are my top 6 reasons you need to use email marketing for your business.

1. Improve the relationships with your customers.
By staying in touch with them, your relationships with your customers become stronger, more real and more personal. When you show people you actually care about staying in touch with them, they like it. Your loyalty to them equals their loyalty to you. Routine personalized newsletters keep them informed.

How to Submit to Directories

April 13th, 2009 In directory submission | Comments Off on How to Submit to Directories

Directories are websites where internet users can go to find websites about whatever topic they’re looking for. As a business owner, it’s really important to have your website listed in directories.

The procedure for listing your website on the various directories is relatively simple, but can be quite tedious and time-consuming to do it thoroughly. The basic steps are:

1. Organize. Put together a list of all general directories, meaning not niche directories but general ones like Yahoo and DMOZ. Next, search for all directories which are niche-specific. If you have an online floral delivery business, for example, you would want to search for all floral website directories.

A Few Important Reasons for Blog Marketing

April 12th, 2009 In Blog Submission & Blog Marketing | Comments Off on A Few Important Reasons for Blog Marketing

Let’s start with what is a “blog”? The word “blog” is a shortened form of web log, which is a dynamic website to which you can publish content. It’s different than a static website, in that the content is always changing and can be updated by the user from a simple interface. It’s instant publishing, you don’t need to know HTML or have server login data, etc. So it’s like keeping a journal or log. Hence the name “web log” or “blog”. There are several websites which host your content for you like Blogger and, as well as websites which allow you to create your own self-hosted blog such

4 Reasons Why Online Article Marketing is Good Business

April 12th, 2009 In Article Marketing | Comments Off on 4 Reasons Why Online Article Marketing is Good Business

Article marketing has been used successfully for many, many years to increase business traffic in print before the advent of the internet. The internet has made this activity quicker and easier and the possibilities for reaching millions of readers even greater. There are many reasons why article marketing is an important, even vital, part of business marketing in general. Here are the top 6 reasons.

1. Article marketing provides publishers with free content. Websites which publish articles, also called “Article Directories” accept these articles on various topics and thus receive information on thousands and thousands of topics for free. Internet users can then have free access to all these articles for their own information, research, etc.

Top 4 Social Networks for Business

April 12th, 2009 In Site News | Comments Off on Top 4 Social Networks for Business

There are hundreds and hundreds of social networks, and they offer different services. Some I like better than others, and some just ARE better than others. So I’ve listed my top favorites out, along with my reasons for this, and any down sides that I know of, to help you understand the differences between them.