A Few Important Reasons for Blog Marketing

Let’s start with what is a “blog”? The word “blog” is a shortened form of web log, which is a dynamic website to which you can publish content. It’s different than a static website, in that the content is always changing and can be updated by the user from a simple interface. It’s instant publishing, you don’t need to know HTML or have server login data, etc. So it’s like keeping a journal or log. Hence the name “web log” or “blog”. There are several websites which host your content for you like Blogger and WordPress.com, as well as websites which allow you to create your own self-hosted blog such WordPress.org.

Why is blogging important to you, as a business owner? Many reasons.

1. Google recognizes continuing and changing content. When you create a page on a static website, Google (and the other search engines) find your page and recognize it as new content. Each new static page gets recognized by Google’s bots. With a blog, every single article you write gets cached by Google’s bots. If you write a new blog post every day, that’s the equivalent in Google notifications to creating an entire new page on a static website every single day. Since static website content tends to not change very frequently, you can easily see how this is a practical way to get your business and your website known in the search engines quickly.

2. Your business will get known and discovered in the blogosphere. What is the blogosphere, you ask? In the same way that there exists a universe of static websites, with search engines etc., there also exists a universe on the internet of blogs with their own search engines. Such websites as Technorati and dozens of other blog search engines get automatically alerted or “pinged” every time you post a new article on your blog. Or you can use one of many services to manually ping your blog post after writing it. WordPress does this automatically for you. This means you get noticed by two different universes of search engines.

3. Proper communication is 2 way, not 1 way. So to really communicate with your public properly, you would want to hear their feedback and generally make yourself as a business owner able to be communicated with. Blogging allows two-way communication. You can control these settings, but by default, a blog allows public comments on each of your blog posts. This interaction makes you appear more real to the public, and also allows you to find out what your public like, don’t like, want, etc. to help you deliver a product or service that’s in alignment with what the public need and want.

4. People will be able to find your business by keyword search. When you blog, you can create tags, which are lists of keywords which are related to your blog post. This feature is actually built in to the best blogging software, so you can just add the keywords and they automatically get sent to Technorati, and your blog post gets linked to those keywords. This enables internet users searching those keywords to find your business when they search that keyword.

I’m trying to keep this down to the basics, but there’s really a LOT to know here, and a considerable learning curve. Things like the length of the posts, the content, the keywords, the titles, the time period between posts and many other factors are relevant and important in the art of blogging. I will be posting more articles on this subject, but this should get you started at least understanding why blogging is important and how it is important.

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