Dream Team’s Video Marketing

An amazing tool to generate traffic to your website is video marketing. If you already have a video to use, fantastic. If you don’t, that’s totally fine because the Dream Team will work with you to create a video. Then we will distribute it to over 30 different video sharing websites such as YouTube and Vimeo. This step is key because those video profiles of yours will also get you search engine ranking and traffic.

Why is Video Marketing important? First of all, we live in a visual society. By survey, people respond to visual stimuli and remember visual representations of things more quickly than written or verbal representations of the same thing. We live in a society that watches a lot of television and movies and video and so video advertising tends to stick mentally to potential customers of your business more then the written word.

If you think about the advertising which has gotten YOU to go buy something, the advertising and promotion that sticks in YOUR mind, it’s most likely from a tv commercial or video ad, rather than words in a written article or advertisement.

And since video is so popular on the internet these days, it’s a great way to get a LOT of traffic. People LIKE to watch videos, and with the correct actions that we take in submitting your video profiles and keywords, we can get a ton of people looking at your video and coming to your website.

In addition to the creation of the video itself, the Dream Team takes hundreds of steps to get your video seen. Creating profiles on over 30 video sharing websites, similar to the way it’s done for Social Networking, gets you traffic from people on those sites who are interested in the keywords in your video and on your video sharing profile. In our current society, you’d be very remiss as a company to neglect to use video marketing to generate traffic to your website. You’ll see the difference in traffic just from this one step. And again, even if you know nothing about video, have no video to use, etc., it’s totally fine. We’ll take care of this for you.

To get started with the Dream Team or find out more, just go to http://www.websitemarketingdreamteam.com/traffic/.

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