Five Reasons You Need Video Marketing for Your Business

Online Video marketing is an amazing and lightning fast way to get your business seen and known, and there are several very good reasons for this.

1. Video proves your product is real. Words may be able to explain what your products or services are and what they do, but they don’t convince the viewer that your product really exists. When you can actually SEE it, then you know it’s real. So video creates reality and adds legitimacy to your business.

2. Video works fast. Would you rather read 5 pages of web text to find out about a company, when you can watch a short video? Probably not. Online viewers do expect a company to have a website, but we’re so used to watching commercials to find out about businesses, it’s just what we’re used to and is proven more effective for marketing and advertising than static images or text alone.

3. Online video is free. In the past, before the internet, businesses would spend tons of money creating television commercials because they knew this was the most effective form of advertising. And while that’s still effective, Youtube and other video sharing websites have made it possible to post your videos for free all over the internet.

4. You can correctly categorize your video to make your video easy to find. With tagging, you can add relevant keywords to your video, making it easier for people who are already interested in your product/service to find you and your business. This makes online video even better than television commercials because they’re targeted to the correct public.

5. You can create groups. Many online video sharing websites allow you, the business owner or individual, to create a group or multiple groups for your videos. You put your group into a category on the website. This feature PLUS the tagging feature makes it even easier for viewers with common interests to you to find your video(s).

The activity of creating videos for your business is a whole different technology, however. At the low quality end are free, quick videos from your cell phone or digital camera. At the high end of quality are professional videos with a hired crew and expensive equipment. And there is an infinity of options in between. The Dream Team will actually take care of all of this for you. Creating all the profiles for you on the video sharing sites, posting your video, adding all the correct tags and categories, etc. But that’s not all, if you don’t have a video for your business, the Dream Team will take care of THAT TOO! This is just one of many of the features of the Dream Team’s service to drive endless traffic to your website.

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